The Sleepless Yarn #2

Hello, again, you! I was suddenly gripped by the desire to just write something, anything, right now. So here I am, typing out all this, without a single clue about what I want to say. I think I’m just gonna start with writing about my day and go on from there. Or maybe that’s all […]

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The Sleepless Yarn #1

I realised I spend a lot of time being sleepless and doing super random things. So I decided to at least write about such times. For whose benefit, I don’t know. Soooo I’ve come up with this idea for a regular series of posts under ‘The Sleepless Yarn’ title. I may or may not continue posting in it, depending on my mood. All I know is right now I want it to be a series, so here’s the first one. Read it if you feel like!

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The Tempest

I’ve written something after nearly a year. In this period, I’ve gone through a great many things, and who I was in my last blog post and who I am now is hugely different. This “poem”, if I may call it that, is something deeply personal to me, and if you are able to relate to it, at all, I’m sending you a virtual hug 🙂 Thank you for taking time to read this 🙂

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Infinite Burn

Scars. There’s something about them. They’re always there, even if you consciously choose to ignore them. They are right there, where you left them, before you chose to let go of the memories of what caused the scars.  They remain. They’re permanent. And they’ll live as long as you do. No matter what you try […]

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Sugar Cubes 

This isn’t an excerpt.. Uh, I have done a little personal experimentation when writing this poem and I would really like any kind feedback. Do share if you like it 🙂

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