Transit Trails: Part Two

If you find yourself a seat next to the window, it is the best thing that can happen to you inside the train. As the train slowly rocks and rattles away, the breeze induces sleep in you and you doze off. But not for long. You suddenly hear the distant voice of the fruit seller, […]

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Transit Trails: Part One

To the true-bred Indian, public transport is an inevitable aspect of life. There is no way to avoid it, unless, of course, you are from the entertainment industry or someone holding a high post in the IT sector, in which case I must tell you, you are missing out on a trademark Indian experience. I’ve […]

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Subway. Minus the Capsicums.

I had only ever seen the outside of Subway restaurants until as recently as six months back. I hadn’t paid any extra attention to them. To my ignorant mind, Subway was just another junk food joint for people to hang out at. I didn’t know what they served or how they served it. I was […]

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How This Works

Alright now, let’s get this thing started. I often find my mind in an addled state, which confounds even the ones closest to me. I have never known my mind to be at rest, not for even a second. Well, except for when I sleep, obviously 😛 I have made one too many attempts prior […]

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