How This Works

Alright now, let’s get this thing started.

I often find my mind in an addled state, which confounds even the ones closest to me. I have never known my mind to be at rest, not for even a second. Well, except for when I sleep, obviously πŸ˜› I have made one too many attempts prior to this, to put into proper words, all that goes on in my mind and I shamelessly accept that I’ve never done a satisfying job at that. This ,here, is yet another one of those attempts. But what makes it different this time is that the muddle of my mind is now open to you, so that you shall be enlightened from it, all in good will to pass on happiness ^_^ and randomness too.

My thoughts about the most common things and simple everyday happenings in my life are what will be taking space here. This shall be my testimony to life as I see it.

Do comment and give your valuable feedback. Blah blah. Oh, and don’t forget to follow πŸ˜€ ^_^

P.S.: Look out for an extensive use of emoticons, especially the notorious “:P” ones.



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