Subway. Minus the Capsicums.

I had only ever seen the outside of Subway restaurants until as recently as six months back. I hadn’t paid any extra attention to them. To my ignorant mind, Subway was just another junk food joint for people to hang out at. I didn’t know what they served or how they served it. I was completely unaware of their worldwide presence and appeal.
But come college life, come Subway! Having one of those restaurants just around the corner from my college, groups of girls crowded the small space almost always. Inadvertently, I became one of those girls very soon. Not for the food, but for the free WiFi and the very much welcome air conditioning in the hot afternoon 😛
One such day, when with friends, I was feeling very hungry, but wasn’t exactly keen on trying a sub itself with all the vegetables and the sauces which seemed like a weird mix then 😛 So I decided to give the Toasties a try. Being a vegetarian, I chose the Veg Toastie, minus the capsicums. It was basically just cheese toasted bread with onions on it. Nevertheless, I took a liking to it, and after that, I began having those quick eats now and then.
On another random day, when I was very tired and super hungry, I badly wanted food and I wanted it quick. Toasties didn’t appeal to me that day, so I decided to finally taste a sub. And it was the best food decision I’ve ever made! :O
Being a lover of honey, I ordered the Corn & Peas sub with the Multi Grain Honey Oat bread with all the vegetables minus the capsicums, and Southwest, Honey Mustard and Barbecue sauces. I still haven’t figured out which element of the sub is guilty of the deed, but ever since that day, I’ve been addicted to Subway so much that I eat there almost thrice a week, sometimes more, to have the same sub, with a different choice of bread now and then. Also, throw in the amazing double choco-chip cookie, and there’s my perfect meal! 😀
I’ve also tried the Aloo Patty and the Paneer Tikka sub once or twice, but nothing comes close to the Corn & Peas sub. I had fallen in love with the indescribable taste of that particular sub! The cookie eaten immediately after a sub mingles with the lingering taste and becomes tastier, leaving me with a deep sense of satisfaction of having had a great meal. :’)
Very soon, after having many subs, I managed to figure out my favorite ingredients – the black olives (which I always ask extra of), the corn in the corn & peas mixture, Honey Mustard and Sweet Onion sauces. This has since then been my stable order. Minus the capsicums. 😀


8 thoughts on “Subway. Minus the Capsicums.

  1. Reading this has made me very hungry. Come with me sometime, I’ll show you an even better combination of sauces!
    Oh, and I ask for extra olives every time too!
    In fact, I ask for so much extra (and extra sauces too), that I’m pretty sure they’re going to refuse service to me
    Nice article about something very close to my heart

  2. I totally agree with the come college life, come subway part. A paneer tikka sub with southwest, red chilli, mint mayo and extra jalapenos has become my staple diet. good one harinii :*

  3. OMG. SAME SENTIMENTS. I always thought subway was just “Rabbit food” with so many leaves. But hunger forced me to give it a try with an open mind one day, and there has been no looking back

  4. TBH, I’ve not eaten at Subway even ONCE!! I’ve heard people saying, its a waste of money and the subs are totally raw etc etc!
    But with so many delicious flavours..I’m definitely trying at least once!!

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