People, people!

We’ve all had those moments of extreme frustration when we just feel like breaking something, or punching the wall or throwing things around. I am feeling that way right now. That’s the reason I’m writing this. Writing – my newly discovered coping mechanism. It’s funny how people induce emotions in you which lead to totally unrelated results. Like right now. Quite a few people have induced the emotion of anger in me and led me to write now. About those very people.

Categorizing people in your life is not an easy thing to do. But from personal experience and others’ experiences, I have found some very common types of people – the seekers, the givers, the ignorers. What exactly do these people seek, give or ignore? Attention, time and affection, that’s what. These are not the only types of people, but these are the only ones I want to write about.

The Seekers.
They are probably the most annoying type. They assume a certain level of importance for themselves in your life, and claim your attention and time, almost as if they have a right over you. These people could be ones who meant something to you once, but not anymore, or new people who just started talking with you. They are always online when you are, and will keep sending you texts now and then. When you don’t return them, they get upset and call you “rude”. What they don’t understand is that they don’t mean as much to you as they think they do.

The Givers.
They are less annoying and more important than the former. They have a certain place in your life, and you wouldn’t want them to go away. But you don’t want them to stay either. They give you loads of their time and affection and do not expect anything in return. At times, these people trigger a guilty conscience in you for not reciprocating enough. But why do we not reciprocate to them? Because of the next set of people.

The Ignorers.
The name pretty much says it all. These are the ones who you want. You give them your love, your time, your everything, while turning a blind eye to others and you desperately want them to be the same with you. But they do not care as much as you think they do and you end up hurt in the end. You over analyse every move they make and make yourself sad about things they do which aren’t in your favour, but they are almost oblivious to the myriad emotions you go through because of them.

Now, after reading about these three kinds of people, there’s just one thing you should remember – you could be any one or all of these kinds of people to others in your life. That’s quite something to think about now, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “People, people!

  1. Exactly, In your view. The person you’d be interacting with would have some particular feelings towards you and so would you towards him/her. The nature of your feelings for him/her would definitely change his/her outlook of your personality and thus, finally how he acts around you. For example, supposing you interact pretty well with some guy,trust him with your ‘little things’ and sometime during your relationship, he confesses to having a crush on you, and maybe he isnt the perfect guy you’d dreamt of. You’d definitely reject him and then try and ignore him because situations become just too awkward. This forces him to become the first ‘type’, i.e. he ‘seeks’ your attention. You might feel that he’s totally unjustified in doing so, but the real reason behind all of this was you had shut him away. It’s almost like people come back at you like your ‘karma’. What I meant by that is your attitude towards the person in question is a HUGE factor in determining his/her attitude towards you.

  2. I wouldn’t classify people like that. A person’s personality has many facets, each of which is cultivated by situations they’ve been in and people they’ve interacted with. Any given person is sure to have all three of the ‘personalities’ mentioned above. There’s always some guy/girl you never want to talk to, but somehow he/she always forces out such situations. There’s always some guy/girl you want, but just so far out of your league, he/she might not even know you exist. There’s always a friend who would say you have better things to do than stalk the perfect guy/girl and then we end up dedicating the ‘friendship-bonding’ time to ‘stalking’ time. I would say these ‘types’ that you have mentioned are just parts of a person’s personality. It’s some things everyone is sure to have.

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