Clone Call

It’s summertime here in the Indian city of Chennai. And boy, isn’t the sun enjoying it! There is not a single day that goes by without sweating. I come out of the shower, and in the few minutes it takes to put on my clothes, I slowly start sweating and by the time I get out of the room, the purpose of taking a shower is defeated.

Oh, the places I wish I was at! Whenever I think of escaping the summer heat, only one place comes to mind: Coorg. It is a hill station in the state of Karnataka, and the place where I spent my best summer vacation. It has been about five years since that summer, yet the memories are still intact.

The cottage we stayed at was secluded from the roads and away from the hullabaloo of humans. It was among the trees and on a small plateau. It was the best escapade from my school assignments and exams at that time. The place was lush, green, cool, and tranquil. There were showers throughout the day, but not the kind to disrupt any kind of outdoor activity. It was pleasant and refreshing to the senses. I had a wonderful stay for five days, doing nothing but lazing around in the lounge reading a book, going for walks among the trees, feeding birds and feeding my tummy.

On returning back to my city, I was greeted with the heat and a longing to go back to the place I had left. How I would love to clone the greenery and cool of that place and keep it forever in my city!

ImageSource: Google Images

P.S.: This is my first response to a daily prompt, and I would really like to get some feedback from anyone reading this, thank you 🙂


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