My Happiest Goodbye


That’s how I feel when I think of the year that has gone by and how much I could write about it. 2014, by all means, was cosmic. Maybe years later, I’ll think it was comic 😛 okay, whatever, back to what I was writing about. So, as cliched as this is, I wanted to write and give my own tribute to one hell of a year. Here goes.

2014 has been the biggest proof of “the best kind of learning comes from one’s own mistakes”. In my case, though, it is more like learning from one’s own repetition of mistakes. It applies to pretty much everything. Choosing friends, being in a relationship, setting my priorities straight, the importance of family, and more. In all of these aspects, I had been repeatedly making mistakes throughout the year and learnt from them at some point. Most of the lessons came quite bitter. Yet, they were all valuable lessons, nevertheless. I underwent a lot of hurt, and I also hurt a lot of people, and then came out scathed. But the wounds all healed and left me a little bit more of a better person than before.

I still may not know what love actually is, and how to love people, but I certainly know what love is NOT. I understood that not everything that is done in the name of “love” is right. For instance, I learnt that you shouldn’t let someone take control over your life and make decisions for you just because they love you. They can tell you what is right and what is wrong, at most. You choose to do what you want, with or without what they tell. Beyond that, they have no right to demand action from you, or berate you for lack of it. It is your life, and you are the final decision maker.

I learnt to put my happiness as my priority. Doing what others want you to and seeing them happy might make you feel good. But unless that is what you really want to do, you will never be truly happy, And trust me, it never ends well. Do what makes you happy, whatever it is. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. Whoever you are, whatever be your story, you deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves their share of happiness. Do not give space in your life for anything that makes you less than happy. It is important to feel all other emotions too, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness. Choose yourself. Choose happiness.

Listening to my heart is actually something I learnt. Intuition, gut feeling, whatever it is called, it is almost always right. It is like your own mind trying to protect you from something, or telling you to do something. Everybody, deep inside, maybe even subconsciously, knows what is good for them. Perhaps, that is where this intuition stems from. When someone suggests something to do, and your first feeling is a bad one, then don’t do it, unless you want to risk it just for the sake of it. When something excites you and your instinct is to go for it, then please do. Rarely will you be wrong.

Ahh. I think it has already gone on too long, and if you’re reading this, then thank you for being patient 😛 There is a lot more that I’ve learnt and been through in 2014, but for now, when I’m burning the midnight oil and all, I think I should stop. I’ll perhaps continue my 2014 experience in installments, with other articles later. For now, this is it.

Have a great 2015! 😀


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