2015 – The Year I Lived. 

Okayyyyy. Here I am, already making another end-of-the-year post. It doesn’t seem that long ago, the last time I wrote one like this. But when I was writing that, I had absolutely no idea that I had such a huge deal of things in store for me. Well, nobody really does. 

Regardless, this year has been one of many revelations, about myself and about other people I hold close, about relationships- the beauty, the complexity, the frailty and the various fine lines bordering different bonds. 

I am happy. Genuinely happy from the inside out. So much that the things that used to bring me down earlier don’t even have a chance at it anymore.

This year, I became a go-getter. Abandoned all inhibitions and mental blocks, and pretty much anything that stood in the way of my dreams. I am truly reaching for the stars, and I am quite proud of myself for having made the progress that I have. I believe I am made for great stuff. Stuff that I will be remembered for. The kind of stuff that will leave my name in the world for people to talk about and take inspiration from. That’s the kind of person I hope to be, and really, that’s the kind of person anyone should hope to be. 

Isn’t everyone just trying to make a difference in whatever small way possible? You stand up for a friend in need, you make a difference in their life. You put yourself first and stop chasing illusions of love, and the best kind of love finds you, embraces you, heals you and makes your heart fly. You feel light. You feel happy. 

Your laughs aren’t forced. The endless screaming inside your mind finally ceases. In its place, there is tranquility. A calmness that can only be found when you allow yourself to be loved the way to deserve to be. You become the source of happiness to so many others, just because someone is making you happy. 

Life is beautiful. Life is good. 

Let your life lead you. There may be sharp turns, and dangerous speed brakes on the way. There may be pain and yearning for what can never be yours. You’ll hurt and be hurt. But at the end of it all, you always know what you need and what you have to do for it. Let your life lead you. 

Aaaaaand to whoever is reading this, thanks a lot for actually getting to this point. This post, just like everything else on my blog, is just another one about the intricate irrelevances of my life and there is a certain joy that comes from sharing such things with strangers. So thank you, once more. Do share your life stories too :’) 

Also, I just might add more to this post if and when I feel like it :3 


2 thoughts on “2015 – The Year I Lived. 

  1. Haha. Nice one. And you definitely are designed to reach great heights. Keep flapping your wings more swiftly, and yet patiently that you sneak across altitudes steadily. This is a flight where you really can’t set a destination, and you’ve gotta keep flying. But a good thing is that you get the fuel on your way. Just grab it whenever you get it, and equip yourself to go on to a longer destination wherein you get loved by everyone. Let that love come to you for you, and not merely for your elevation. That love will pen poems about you, and let those be sweet. Have amazing years ahead. God bless you, mate. 🙂

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