The Sleepless Yarn #1

I’m sitting on a cold, hard concrete half-pillar on the terrace of what I still cannot wholeheartedly call my home. Next to me, there’s the empty carton of the cup noodles I just finished, burning my tongue in the process. My house keys lie right next to it. Just two keys on a plain steel key-ring. The likes of Nina Simone and Marian Hill weave magic in my ears. There’s a big bar of chocolate in my hand, which I’m balancing along with my phone as I type all this. It’s just past six on a Monday winter morning. The midnight purple of the sky is slowly giving way to patches of early morning blue. The area slowly comes to life around me as light comes on in little windows here and there. The dog in the opposite house has just seen me and has been barking for the last five minutes, slightly distracting me from my typing.
The barking was too loud and was starting to annoy me. So I just came back down to my room, only to find all the lights in the house turned on and the maid filling a bucket with water in the restroom.
I am back to my bed, sitting on it, looking like just another prop among the great mess that it is. There are tubs of a hand cream and a foot cream next to me. When I use them, I feel all good. Makes me feel as if I’m taking care of myself really well. Funny. These tubs of cream are surrounded by different food items, each in a unique packaging, selling its contents to whoever reads it.
Now I’m starting to feel just a little bit sleepy. I’m planning on going to sleep as soon as the maid is done with her work and leaves. I also reached the end of my playlist, the last song is playing in my ears now. Till The End, by Jessie Ware. From ‘Me Before You.’
I’m gonna drink some water, wash my hands, use some of that hand cream, and try to get myself some sleep now. Until next time, then!


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