The Sleepless Yarn #2

Hello, again, you!

I was suddenly gripped by the desire to just write something, anything, right now. So here I am, typing out all this, without a single clue about what I want to say. I think I’m just gonna start with writing about my day and go on from there. Or maybe that’s all I’ll write. I don’t know. And this isn’t really a “sleepless yarn,” because right now I’m so well rested and the opposite of sleepless. But I’m just gonna write this under the same title anyway because of the weird charm it has.

Anyway, today has been, without a doubt, the most productive day I’ve had in Bangalore. I started my day at around 6 am with a trial Pilates session at a gym nearby. And boy, did I feel good! My first taste of Pilates, and I loved it. I followed that up with an hour of functional training later. That was a much more heavy session, compared to Pilates, at least. I’m just sitting around and slowly morphing into a potato by the day, and I’ve realised the absolute need for me to get my ass off the bed and start working out. If I don’t, I might as well bid all my dreams adieu. Because I don’t think I’m gonna get anywhere with a body that looks, well, just meh!

SOOO, after my workout session, I did a little shopping for some crispy apples and milk. Got back home, had a relatively healthy breakfast of muesli with milk, followed by a protein packed salad which I ordered online. Then I hit the bed and slept for quite a good time. Such a drowsy, deep sleep it was. I was woken up because the power went off, thanks to my flatmate who tried to plug in her hair straightener while the house was already running on the UPS power. Uff! Anyway, I’m glad it did, because otherwise I would’ve just kept sleeping and wasted away.

So after I woke up, I ordered some idlis (eating healthy, I tell myself). And then I FINALLY finished the book I started reading quite a while ago – Dance Dance Dance, by Haruki Murakami. See what I meant when I said I’ve had a productive day? And to add to it, I also washed my clothes, including the bed sheet. I just put it back on the bed, and that’s where I’m sitting right now, typing away. And as a cherry on top of the cake, I’m writing now, which I’m really, really happy about. Productive.

No, wait, the actual cherry would be when I start with my next book after I’m done with this post. The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. That’s one book I’m really looking forward to read! I am hoping that book would be some sort of solace in this world that is filled with people who look at a woman and her sexuality as something that needs to be commented upon, acted upon, even without her own consent, when in reality, anybody’s sexuality is about as natural and common as things can get. We are all human beings, we all have bodies and hormones, and we all feel different kinds of attraction. Just get over it already! There’s just so much sexualisation everywhere. Whatever is absolutely normal is played up as something desirable and unattainable, which just makes everybody want it that much more. Capitalism and its many forms.

Ugh. Moving on.

Have you ever found yourself acting out scenarios in your head, and accidentally being loud about it? It happens quite often to me. Like, when I’m about to meet someone new, lets say. On the way, maybe in the cab, I’d be imagining how the conversation would go, and without even realising it, I would make expressions on my face and just move my mouth to the dialogue that’s running in my head. I’ll realise what I’m doing only after I’m done and I end up feeling like a total weirdo, hoping nobody else noticed it. Because to anybody else, it would look like I’m talking to thin air.

Okay now I’m distracted and in the mood of singing. So that’s the end of this post, then. See you in the next one! 😀



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